Securit Pro catalogue 2020

Since the creation of the original ‘Securit’ chalkmarkers in the 1990’s, we’ve continued to build on our experience of innovation in the world of signage and visual communication. Today, the Securit brand is known as a market leader, offering chalkmarkers and boards, as well as menu holders, queuing barriers and a massive variety of other signage tools to help professionals increase their business. Vermes BV is a company where quality and tradition have gone hand in hand with setting trends for over 70 years and we are proud to share with you our latest collection. We continue to develop and bring to market new creative signage solutions for daily use by companies large and small in over 90 countries. We invite you to discover our 2020 catalogue for yourself.



Securit Home catalogue 2020

Securit is best-known for supplying the hospitality industry with high-quality and visually stunning communication tools, including our market-leading liquid chalkmarkers. For over 70 years we’ve supplied professional users with the means to creatively advertise their business and we’re proud to bring the same quality products to the consumer market. The 2020 Securit Home collection combines our professional heritage with some of the more innovative designs we’ve developed over the years. Whether it’s our new 3D chalkboard animals, the modern Hexagon wall art or a set of colourful chalkmarkers, this assortment helps bring out the artistic & imaginative side in everyone. We invite you to explore the world of Securit for yourself.  Colour your life!



Vermes BV was founded in 1948. The brand Securit® was
established in 1982 and four years later the Liquid Chalkmarker
was born. In 2010 they introduced the Home by Securit® Collection
and became a leader in signage and decoration products, as
they provide the current industry for over 70 years now.