Vermes B.V. – Since 1948

In 1948 George Vermes founded the company G.Vermes B.V. in Amsterdam and quite soon Vermes became the exclusive European distributor of NT, Lion and Yoken. Just one decade later   the second generation took over and Gabor Vermes was appointed CEO.

The brand Securit® was established in 1982 and within four years the Liquid Chalkmarker was invented which contributed to the expansion throughout Europe in 1987 as well. It was soon time to bring in the third generation of the Vermes family and so Michael Vermes was appointed CEO in 1990.

The company grew rapidly and had a strong export expansion in over 25 countries. In 2007 Vermes B.V. opened the door of their new head office and within a few years they introduced the Securit® Home Collection.

Anno 2019 Vermes B.V.  is counting 450 employees, is distributing to over 90 countries worldwide and communicates in 15 languages.


Our head office is located in Almere, The Netherlands and has rapidly grown. Vermes BV is now leader in signage and decoration products under the brand name Securit® for the hospitality industry, office and retail branch for over 70 years.

All of our products are being designed and manufactured by our own special Vermes design team. The Securit®assortment is stocked in Vermes warehouses and is currently distributed in over 90 different countries.

Innovation and high quality are the keywords for our Securit products, as they are all recognized for their modern and classic designs, they are affordable and have competitive prices.